22 Aug 2009

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Posted by WiiMODs

Pokemon Emerald Rom

Pokemon Emerald Rom

Yay finally it arrives however not as we hoped it would be. Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green in Japanese. If you can’t wait for the English versions then here they are ready to use. You already know the plot so go on give them a try.  emulator.jpg  Gameboy Advance Emulator  firered.jpg  Pokemon Fire Red  leafgreen.jpg  Pokemon Leaf Green  ruby.jpg  Pokemon Ruby  pokemonsapphire_111902_large.jpg  Pokemon Sapphire  rew.jpg  Gameboy Color Emulator  pokered.jpg  Pokemon Red  pokeblue.jpg  Pokemon Blue  green_cover.jpg  Pokemon Green  pikachu.jpg  Pokemon Yellow  pokegold.jpg  Pokemon Gold  pokesilver.jpg  Pokemon Silver  crystal.jpg  Pokemon Crystal  pinball_cover.jpg  Pokemon Pinball

Download Pokemon ROMs + Pokemon Emulator for Android & iPhone


PokeAngel DS Roms Emulator for PC

Trip NDS Pokemon Emulators free Downlod


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