2 Sep 2008

Sarah Palin Bikini Pictures

Posted by WiiMODs

Pictures of Sarah Palin in a bikini at Miss Alaska pageant.

Sarah Palin bikini Miss Alaska

Sarah Palin bikini Miss Alaska

Sarahs Troopergate scandal >>

And from FOXnews.com – While mommy was  governing the most northern state here hot teenage daughter Bristol was having some hot teen sex with here boyfriend Levi and as here parent are 100% for abstinence-only ed and against teaching about contraception guess what happened next – pregnant at 17 – unmarried…
And they say NO – the 5th child in the family is not here daughter’s child – that will be the 6st.

It is like somebody from above is making a big joke on here 🙂

She was a firm supporter of abstinence-only education in schools and look how good that works!

And the hero of the day (Levi) can be seen here

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3 Responses to “Sarah Palin Bikini Pictures”

  1. so real!



  2. The above picture of the girl on a bikini is porn star Amy Ried!



  3. When will Nintendo bring a ‘Sarah Palin’ game out! I wouldn’t mind playing her on my wii! LOL



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